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her name was melusine. she walked into my art class one day, and the teacher announced her. she looked like she didn't want to be there. her hair was this bluish color that i can't descrine, it was a cross between turqouise-like blue and green, not to forget yellow. her hair was the color of the ocean in the tropics, so clear and blue that you can see straight to the bottom. her hair ended at her waist, and it looked like she could be even more beautiful than lady godiva herself, if she were naked and her hair were longer. her eyes were the same color as her hair, and when you looked into them without knowing her you would feel that she was compassionate, a loving person, but that she was very quiet. her wrists were covered in sparkling bracelets. silver, blue, white, yellow. she was wearing an old vintage sundress, with blue sunflowers. the dress stopped midway down her thighs, revealing her legs, which were as pale as white; it looked as if she'd covered her legs in white powder. but it looked natural, as well. they looked as smooth as water and as soft as baby's skin. she had on these huge clunky boots that were originally black, but she had cut out pictures of grass and seaweed and decoupaged them on, making beautiful green live boots.

of course, the only seat empty was next to me. "sit there." the teacher told her, pointing next to me. i stared at her in awe. she was so beautiful, she didn't belong. "hi." i said, my voice as quiet as a mouse's sqeak, and sounded horrible. she looked up, pushing away her hair from her face - some if it was in braids. her fingers were long and thin and pale, and covered in rings. "hi." she smiled. her voice sounded like a stream in an empty forest. beautiful, clear. like bells, millions of tiny ones, jingling. the class was the sound of the bulldozers tearing down the forest, the cars driving through it on a highway. "you're new to our lovely local prison, i take it?" i managed to choke out. she was so beautiful, and you can tell she had no idea. she smiled, her full lips parting and her teeth showing - as white as ice. she nodded. "my name's melusine." i smiled. so this girl, this goddess, this mermaid, was called melusine. "i'm elayna." i said softly, almost inaudibly. i could feel her ocean-eyes, raining on my wrists - there were long, thick scabs on them. last month i had tried to comitt suicide. i self-conciously pulled the sleeves of my cardigan, which had somehow gotten pushed up, back down my arms. i smiled uncomfortably, looking into her eyes. as i looked into her, i felt her emotions. she was sad for me, concerned for me, scared for me. she was ready to reach out to me and listen to my story, because everyone has one, and she could tell i needed to tell mine.

all period long we sat next to each other silently. she was coloring with oil pastels that she'd taken out of her backpack, which was a black jansport covered in blue and green glitter pens. she had written poetry all over her backpack. i always wanted to try to read some of it, but i never did. on this huge piece of white paper she'd gotten from the teacher, she had drawn this beautiful mermaid. it had short black hair and beautiful dark red, blood red, lips. she had a beautiful tail that was purple with black tints. she had full breasts, i'd never seen any so beautiful. as i gazed at the picture, i realized it looked like me. my short black hair, blood red lips i sometimes had. i felt my cheeks burning.
something i found laying around, i really love this as always and i wish i could get the inspiration for more... i may try this weekend.

i would really like some feedback please!
milath Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2002
minus a few spelling and grammar corrections this is very well written.. draws the reader in very well and the descriptions are near perfect. i could imagine the beauty of this girl amazingly well from your descriptions..

i would love to see more of this sort of thing from you.. you have quite a talent for it.

feldon Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2002  Professional Writer
oh my miss kitty, that's wonderful! so descriptive and so heartfelt, i Loved every moment of it. write a book or something, i'll buy it. you're a piece of work and something to admire. +fav
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